Last week was unreal - 1

The first post on my adventures with Unreal Engine.

I thought it would be fun to do a blog on my unreal adventures. Maybe it will help motivate you, or give you ideas, I hope it does. 

I'm new to this sort of thing so if you have feedback please let me know

I have been working with unreal engine for a few years now and I've reached a point where it's just soo much fun. Learning goes fast, prototyping goes fast and I'd like to share that with the people interested in seeing and reading about it. 

I Must Go Nr.2 

A gamejam game about pooping!
|Unreal Engine 4|

So yeah, TiMer games participated in a gamejam and we made a pretty shitty game. It's shitty in an unexpected way though, it's about pooping! 

Theme: You don't know what you've got till it's gone.

When we read this our heads started racing, we thought of games that dealt with loss, anger, dementia and about every other serious emotion and/or real life situation but we ended up making a game about pooping! Yes, because while talking about all these serious topics we also realized what a serious problem it would be if suddenly you had no access to toilets. What would you do if you needed to poop? This settled it! we needed to make a game about pooping.

How do you do? 

How do you make a fun game about pooping? That's the next question we were forced to answer. Luckily the answer came to us quickly. You are in a school environment and no one is allowed to see you or they would be grossed out and report you. So now we have a stealth game.

What do you do on a succesfull poop? 

Very simple, we will be handing out points for pooping, with these ideas in mind we got to work on our shitty game and I have to say. I am incredibly proud of the end result. 

Programming, UMG and animations

For this project I had to do many different things. 

  • A Player character: walk around, jump, pooping, poop meter and some other small things.
  • A GameMode: Keeping track of the progress in the level, the points and other details.
  • AI: We had different Ai going around. Some wandering from place to place while others followed a path. They needed to be able to chase the player but also return to wandering in case the player manages to escape. In the end this wen't really well. 
  • UMG:  Most of the UMG speaks for themselves, something fun I did for this project though was the flying text. Just like you have damage points flying of off players in games like borderlands our game has poop points flying from the character when pooping. This is something that isn't relaly hard but something i've been wanting to do for a long time and finally got to do. 
  • Animations: This is interesting, i've never animated anything before so going into this was super intimidating. But it ended up being a really fun and kind of an easy experience. Please keep in mind this is a cube guy, that simplifies things drastically. Nevertheless I found a nice pipeline from blender to UE4 and that will definitely help out in the future.
  • Besides these things there were a few more things I did but I think i've spammed you enough. Check the images below for some screenshots of some of the blueprints! (first image shows Player character and the second is the GameMode)

Tech - Demo Action/Adventure game

School assignment, programming by me, art from various places. 
|Unreal Engine 4|

This week I had to make a tech demo for school. We have 1 year to work on a game and our idea was to make a game with some climbing and sword fighting and stuff like that. I decided that wednesday would probably be a good day to work on this idea. I made a little demo showcasing these features. How did I go about doing this? 

In the morning I started with a drawing I had made with a team member, it showed the general idea of what we wanted to show. This is what I then fleshed out into a demo.


During the morning I did the programming for this project. I have to admit that the swordfighting is mostly cheating. I didn't do a trace on the sword but just a forward trace to characters who I would then have respond to the sword-swing. The climbing mostly uses simple move actor to location. I also found out some neat tricks while messing around with this feature. For the quick jump over the pillar for example, it was important to disable ease in and out for a smooth transition into and out of the action. It sounds weird, but when you think about it, it makes sense. 

Early afternoon:

During this part of the day I did a quick art pass on the scene. 

The logic only makes the character move from place to place, the animations make it look believable. 

Late afternoon:

Additional art and lighting of the scene.

I am a big noob at making a scene look pretty so everytime I get an opportunity to do something with that I decide to make the most of it and learn as much as possible. This is of course a simple hall-way, but I definitely think that the end result makes it look pretty cool especially compared to early in the afternoon. 

Community spotlight

Questions answered and awesome things I noticed recently! 

Music during in-game Menu

Unreal Engine Sub-reddit question.

Someone was asking how to do music for a main menu in-game. In older version of the engine this could have been a tricky thing but in 4.13 (Not sure about 4.12)  this is super easy to do.

Instead of play sound 2d just use a spawn sound 2d. This will present you with a return value which you can then call when closing the menu. That's it really! super easy. 

Rollercoaster project

Unreal Engine Sub-reddit question.

A week or 2 ago someone was asking about a rollercoater plugin. Last week or this week I found this video above. Someone has made a project template for a rollercoaster game, I can't say I tried it myself yet but it will definitely serve as a nice start for some of you out there looking to do something with this! 

(If I ever get a VR device I may play around with this as well, it looks really fun, especially if you build a nice environment around it) 

Apothecary and Alchemy

Marketplace Spotlight.

Infuse studio has been releasing some pretty awesome looking marketplace assets, I absolutely love their latest package! It's beautifull building with a lot of small props included. Good looking materials, A nice tree and a ton more.

They also show a lot of confidence in the project by including a build version you can download and fly through! Something I believe all marketplace content submitters should do. Go download it for yourself and check it out! 

Lost Ember

Support this community project! 

In Lost Ember you play as a wolf with the power to control other animals. This project is looking to do a kickstarter but first they want to build a following! They seem to be handling this kickstarter idea a lot better than someone I know... *Cough... ME... Cough*

I talked to one of the developers at gamescom and he was  really nice and incredibly passionate. Check out the trailer and sign up for their newsletter. (The music they created for the trailer is worth the view alone!) 


Setting up a sign which can have different texts on it.



Feel free to contact me if you need me, I should always reply within 48 hours!