I tend to get really excited for upcoming games, or I just get random ideas. Then I get to work and just make something, here you can find some of those works. 

The Division fan cinematic

I wanted to create a fan cinematic for The Division, a game I truly enjoyed and was super hyped for.
To start of I made some images trying to see if I could pull it off. In the end I am happy with the result and I learned a ton of new things.
I also included the video that shows the project over time. (Feedback for my workflow is always welcome.) 

Re-creating my engagement photo

I wanted to become better at making pretty scenes. The best way to do something like that is by using an example.
It's a lot darker in the re-creation but that's because it's part of a game idea I have.
(I hope I get to make that game one day) 

Video Content

Here are some more video projects.

H1Z1 Fan cinematic

When H1Z1 was about to come out I was pretty excited and I wanted to create a cinematic for the launch of the game.
I decided to jump back into Cry Engine and work on a video for the game. I put together most of the scenes (some were from Crysis 2) and this whole process took me a little longer than 2 months. Using both Sandbox Editor and Cry Engine, but those are basically the same.
(Mentioning it for legal reasons) 

Mass Effect Happy Ending mod - Trailer

I got into contact with the creators of the mass effect happy ending mod and they still needed a trailer to show to the rest. I decided i'd take the task and work with it.

Star citizen cinematics

I wanted to become better at working with cinematic tools within cry engine and I noticed that the Star Citizen community was a very enthousiastic and alive community. This is why I decided to make videos for Star Citizen, these videos aren't of the highest quality but they were my first videos made inside of an engine.

Nether video competition

There were two Nether competitions which asked the community to make a video for the game, with both their own theme. I was able to win both of the competitions with the videos I made. 

Thank you for watching!