Dungeon game is an action RPG in a silly little kingdom. You play as enter name here, a peasant that underwent insert dramatic event here which motivated him to to take up arms and fight the enemies that have been plaguing the kingdom.

Throughout the game players find different human and elven settlements and help these, whether it be assisting in a local war or chasing chickens.

Dungeon Game

Action adventure game, Together with Tom Raudys, 2017/2018, PC
|Unreal Engine 4|

Over the last few years I've had the opportunity to work on a ton of different types of games. Something I was missing was an adventure game with sword combat. I ended up talking to a close friend and fellow developer about this dungeon game where people would meet up in taverns and complete dungeons together. 

This soon grew from a small gamejam idea into a fully fledged game. Instead of doing multiplayer we decided to make the game Single-Player with light-hearted story, fast intense action and a world t0 explore. Because we had to make a choice between going on an internship or working on this game for the next year we put the game on steam greenlight. The response we received was phenomenal and in a short amount of time and even reached position #17 out 0f the 3400+ games on steam greenlight. 

So far this project has been an absolute blast already and we've learned a ton! if you want to learn more, please click one of the links below! 


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