Client work

I've had some amazing opportunities over the last few years. Below you will find some of the client projects I did over the last 2 years.

You will also find my previous job and a service I currently offer to Unity content creators. 

Unity To Unreal Service

A Service for unity content creators to help them move to the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace.

In my day to day live I get to speak to a lot of content creators for the Unreal Engine Marketplace and I recognised a consistent trend. Most of them wanted to offer their pack on the Unreal Marketplace but were intimidated by the Engine. That's why I set up this service to help them out! 

|UE4| Particle Effects  - PolyPixel

I recently made particle effects for my favorite UE4 content creators

Earlier this year I was working on particle effects for PolyPixel, one of the best suppliers of art to the Unreal Engine Marketplace.  I created different particles ranging from falling leaves to a rain system with in-depth support for interiors. (More info in the video)

Making a game at a primary school.

Simple 2d game with art and sounds done by the children. |UE4|

My fiancee works at a primary school and she wanted to make a game with the makey makey. 
I saw this as a great opportunity to work with the creativity of her class and that's why we created a game together! The kids delivered amazing work and I only had to implement everything. The parents also definitely enjoyed it at the open evening.

 |UE4| Game Animator - Skeleton Productions 

I animated a video for Skeleton Productions using the new sequencer tool

The talented people from skeleton productions needed a short in-game animation for one of their commercials. For this project I used the new unreal sequencer tool to put together a futuristic scene with a beautifull environment and some intense action.

 Game Integrator - Utomik

Unlimited games for only €9,99 per month

In 2015-2016 I worked for the team at Utomik, here I integrated games to work with their system. It's been a very interesting experience where i've learned and grown a ton. (Can't give a ton of details because of NDA'S)